Another Australia day is over 2019. Also the “right to deny” aspects of Australian history is forgotten for yet another year, decade, century. Some Indigenous people also celebrated the Australia Day weekend. Included were Jacinta Price and others who regularly stand up and question other Indigenous people for not doing the same.

What is Australia Day and what are you celebrating? 

On Australia Day you celebrate the “foundation of Australia” The European  arrival, takeover or settlement of the land is one thing, but you are actually celebrating the nation upon which Australia was built, what got us here today as the nation Australia, and what makes Australia one of luckiest countries in the world. 

“Common Statements”

Every year i hear the same old tune from many Australians including those Indigenous supporters who celebrate the “National day”

  • “It’s not my fault what my ancestors did in the past”
  • “Stop living in the past, those times have changed”
  • “Time to get over the past and move on together”
  • “If Europeans did not come and take over the French etc would have”
  • ” Indigenous Australians are a bunch of professional mourners”
  • We need to fix the problems of today, not worry about the past.
These common statements are really programmed justifications made by those who do not know their history and will always find themselves trapped when others question their support of Australia day. It is not about making Australians feel guilty, it is about having a truthful conversation and finding our place beside one another in an Australian future. These statements are indoctrinated, they are a serve on a menu we all have been force-fed for over a century in our school system. Either that or the Australians who make such statements are simply ignorant and selfish human beings who are unwilling to share with the indigenous brothers and sisters they expect to also stand up and celebrate every year. The small amount of Indigenous Australians who celebrate the day are no different. A bunch of “walking contradictions” actually.

The indoctrinated foundation of Australia.

Australia Day is a day I do not, and perhaps will never celebrate no matter the date. It is not that I never would like to celebrate with my non-indigenous brothers and sisters, but the attitude of Australia towards respecting and sharing our history has been a selfish one ever since I was a child and first marched down the street with my elders on Australia Day over 35 years ago. Changing the date is a great start to a better understanding of a day that brought about the disruption of the oldest continuous culture on earth and still has many Indigenous Australians left behind trapped and displaced in a culture they now have to search for. Celebrating the taking of another groups land and way of life whether it be labelled as “settlement or invasion” does not represent the trait of a human brother or sister i would call my own. Australians have been indoctrinated for over a century and not many at all know anything of true Australian history. We will forever be on this merry-go-round and Australians will always search for justifications until we sit down and address the notion of this country we now call Australia correctly. The indoctrinated notion allows the focus on the whole subject of Australia Day to be lost, and so the whole reason of why Indigenous people will not celebrate is never a real conversation.

Every Australia Day, you are celebrating “The foundation of Australia” not just day Europeans first arrived here. It is the foundation upon which this country was built that allows us to stand and celebrate the nation “Australia” today. That foundation, was built off the backs of Indigenous Ancestors too. When is Australia going to recognize this important and unchangeable FACT in Australia’s history? When are we going to start teaching this in our school system and start sharing our history? Indigenous ancestors contributed in every aspect of building this country. There would be no great “Australia” today without our ancestors contribution. Indigenous people,myself included, refuse to be told to stand back or stand down and just forget what our ancestors did. Australia has the right to demand Indigenous people stand up and celebrate their National Day and National Song, yet both the day and song, disregard our ancestors contribution to this country like it never happened?

Every major Industry in Australia was built by Indigenous Ancestors too.

“Original Style” Clothing


Major exporter. Australia produces some of the best quality Beef in the world. Australian beef can be found at Macdonald’s in other countries. Aboriginal people built the beef Industry practically for free. When Europeans first started cattle farming in Australia there were hardly any European people here at the time, as they were still arriving from Europe. Aboriginal people were forced to help work the cattle industry under slave conditions. The Beef we sit and enjoy in any Australian hamburger was built off the backs of Indigenous ancestors too. The beef industry would never had exploded had it not been for our ancestors.


Again a major exporter. Built by aboriginal people but also the 60,000 South Sea Islanders that were stolen and brought here to be put to work. The term “Blackbirding” ring a bell? Every teaspoon of sugar we use today was built by our Ancestors. Sugar was a luxury for centuries around the world. It wasn’t until the British Government in 1874 removed heavy taxes levied against sugar that it became more affordable, and the household item we know. It was through indentured labor(Slavery) and that wage difference between the slave and free man, that brought about the growth of sugar and price down. Also the free trade movement.


When Slavery was abolished in America [Not ended] by the Civil War ending affect it had on the cotton industry, it was Australia who picked up the cotton trade to the world. Aboriginal and Islander people helped to start and work the cotton industry of Australia. If you take a look at the history of cotton. at the top you will see a slight mention of Aboriginal and Islander contribution. That contribution was not listed until the end of 2017. After writing to Cotton Australia and asking them why there was no mention of Aboriginal and Islander people, they came to agreement to include a mention in the history timeline. A slight mention, but still good to see any adjustment made. You do not find this gesture in any other industry timeline. Every school in Australia should be teaching this history! 

Were you taught this history at your school growing up in Australia?

Have you had a perception that Indigenous people are non-contributors to this country and the foundation upon which it was built?

This is about recognizing and teaching how the country of Australia was built and got to where it is today. If Australia actually expects Indigenous people to arrive at more reasonable conclusion or reason, to celebrate a National Day.. then let’s be realistic here. Let’s recognize and teach the FACTS and TRUTH. The first Europeans and immigrants to arrive here did not build this country we have today by themselves. There would be nothing much to celebrate on Australia Day without our ancestors and those of us who stand to speak for them today?

Looking further back through our History we find Historical recordings shelved or purposely unable to be accessed for common knowledge and teaching over the past century. Building the foundation of Victoria with aboriginal stringy bark canoes is one example that stands out, and demands our recognition. Aboriginal people ferried European and Immigrant arrivals across flooded rivers when they first arrived to Victoria and there were no bridges. Aboriginal people built the trade system and the economy of Victoria with their stringy bark canoes. They saved European lives in the floods because of many Europeans lack of knowing how to swim or man a canoe. Aboriginal people were made to build and captain canoes to cart Europeans surveyors, goods and people around Victoria. When the gold rush came. you can say aboriginal people handed it to Victoria on a gold platter.

Aboriginal people have become professional mourners?

They most certainly have not. Indigenous people who do not speak up on behalf of their ancestors, and for what their ancestors contributed to building this country, are simply disrespecting the same ancestors blood in which they survived, and the right that those ancestors gave them to represent them and speak on their behalf today.

There a quiet a few Indigenous Australians that celebrate Australia Day. Some who are often in the spotlight assume they have the right to challenge or belittle other Indigenous Australians who only see the celebration of the National day for the HALF TRUTH it is.  Alice Springs Councilor Jacinta Price, an Indigenous campaigner for Australia day stated back in January 2017, that Indigenous people had become professional mourners, and that only the middle class Indigenous activists and guilt ridden whitefulla’s were offended and wanted to change the date. Ms. Price makes the same noise every year and 2019 is no different. She seems to have a habit of taking the focus off the whole picture and zooming in when it suits. Notably, she spends more of her time demonizing her own people, and also trying to determine for others what an over 70,000 year old culture is against a 231 year old interpretation. Of course the points raised by Jacinta and others on Indigenous issues today are important,  however that is not the reason why Indigenous people will not celebrate Australia day. 

Our mob in the N.T are experts in carrying on our ancient history and knowledge, however, hardly any know the history of the past 231 years., also the reason why some are very easily or immediately persuaded to follow the same notion Australia Day represents today, They stand up behind politicians and others who have only imbued that notion. Well known classic Aboriginal band Yothu Yindi attended the 26th of January ceremony, stating that they wanted to bring the people together. Yothu Yindi will always hold a place in the Indigenous heart and music history, they are classic role models and knowledge holders of song and dance. The notion by Yothu Yindi to have Indigenous people walk together and put a stop to the division of this country is genuine and one in which most Indigenous people agree. including myself. However this notion still and will always support the lie and indoctrination unless a real conversation is allowed, and until educating and learning the full truth of this country’s history is accepted. Yothu Yindi are not the only ones who make this slight misjudgment by over looking this notion that forces us to totally disregard our ancestors contribution to building this country. We all have been taught the same lie!

Military tactics that go back to the 6th century are still relevant today. A war created in order to control a people without having to resort to physical battle is the example here.Supressing aspects of who a people are, which includes their artefacts and history, in order to make them forget and become who you want them to be.

“Middle-class activists” Jacinta labels us as? Indigenous people from the bigger cities have been fortunate enough to have access to better education, quicker learning and expansion, had an advantage to further research history and other areas of literature. It is quiet different when English is 3- 5 language and you are only taught your history in a school system that will only teach HALF the story. It is also quiet different having to focus on studying ‘whitefulla” education when you have to weigh it up and balance with the traditional culture you hold and must continue.

I find myself teaching Australian and world history to Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians almost everyday, many enjoy our conversations and are amazed at what they did not know and were not taught. What if we create a group that will go talk with Indigenous communities and explain our true history? Explain how our ancestors built the Beef, Cotton, Sugar, Railways, Gold etc? What if we were to explain to our mob how we are labelled as bludgers and non contributors today yet the contribution our ancestors have given to the foundation of this country is totally disregarded? What if we are to empower our people with who they are, and what their ancestors have done? What if they are told we are the First Stone Engineers, Astronomers, Bakers, Farmers. Artists etc of the world, and that our ancestors also gave ‘whitefullas’ the knowledge to put the Aeroplanes in the sky that we see today? How about we start empowering our people with their true history instead of the imbued right that denies them access to it?

Only be on your guard and diligently watch yourselves, so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen, and so that they do not slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and grandchildren. Deuteronomy 4:9

When the cameras turn on the politicians persuade us on how many Indigenous Australians do not care about changing the date. They simply do not know and are not being taught enough about their history to have a better understanding. The claim. that Jacinta Price,Warren Mundine and others are the great truth speakers out busting Indigenous myths is quiet a delusion, or simply a blocked transfer of knowledge. What truth? What myths? Mr. Mundine thinks his agreement with the change of date gives him the right to stand up and demand Indigenous people follow or agree with the one-sided notion of his “Australia Day Crew”  

What is this “Victim hood mentality” we keep hearing exactly?

The main influence in Jacinta’s career is her mother Bess price, who has also shown her colors towards other Indigenous People across Australia in the past. Her degrading and disrespectful remarks are quiet contradicting. Was Bess on Bus with C. Perkins or done anything to empower Indigenous people as a whole and as people to make her this expert speaker on behalf on Indigenous people. Who gives Bess. Jacinta, or any other Indigenous person the right anyway to determine other groups connection to our ancestors and country. Bold and quiet disrespectful. Shame shame shame! You do not speak our ancestors contribution to this country,

This “Victim Mentality” tactic is simply a distraction. One that has been implemented and demonstrated by all Australian governments to disempower Indigenous people and deny the real foundation upon which this country was built. Every year we put up with Jacinta doing her little dance around, or cherry picking some facts that revolve around her very limited focal issues. You never hear her speak on what contributes to the whole situation of Indigenous people among her distractions from the Australia day debate. When other Indigenous issues arise, Jacinta always tries to justify that we should ignore it or leave it alone. How does that work exactly?

Just over a week ago we heard terrible news of 5 Indigenous girls committing suicide over a span of just nine days. Jacinta was straight on the topic, and straight over to violence against women being the problem. That is not the only contribution towards suicide in this country. Just as the one-sided notion of how this country was built is not the only contribution made to what Australia represents today.

8 Australians die from suicide daily in Australia! That means every 3 hours another Australian will end their life. We have a clock counting it down. How about looking at all factors that contribute to the issue? How about looking at how young Indigenous men have the highest suicide rate in the world? I have only ever heard Jacinta demonizing Indigenous men, We are yet to see a positive article from her. I guess all indigenous men are the same and are to blame for her not accepting positive Indigenous male influences, roles models in her narrative? She may know that Indigenous men who also do commit violence against women have high rates of suicide. Maybe Jacinta would rather just let Aboriginal men keep taking their lives instead of presenting a real solution? There are other factors that contribute to suicide,domestic and sexual violence. Mental health disorders are four to seven times more common among Indigenous adults than other Australians. Indigenous people are sick of being told by one-sided politicians to “focus on the problem” instead of what creates the problem”  How about empowering our people? How about someone suggests a real solution based on all the contributing factors? 

Another top member of the crew is Anthony Dillon, a lecturer at the Sydney Catholic University. Dr. Dillon has been on a mission for years over social media trying to force this same notion down Indigenous Australians throats. There have been constant complaints about his performance and intimidating taunts towards Indigenous people through social media. He also disrespected and laughed in the face of an elder on live Television. Anthony seems to think he is Mr. Untouchable and is allowed to persist with his intimidating, taunting, and dominant remarks towards Indigenous people, that only lower their self-esteem. As a representation of the Catholic University and community, maybe we should all go back to the time the first Papal bull was released? Dillon seems to have such an intimate relationship with himself, that he had to go and post his disrespectful performance on his Youtube feed?

He claims: “Indigenous people against Australia day is a distraction and does not empower Indigenous people” How? Either Dillon does not know his history and the foundation upon which this country was built, or he is just another player out to help enforce the ignorance of Australian history.
All his writings are stamps and labels that only lower the self-esteem and pride of Indigenous people. How exactly does Dr. Anthony Dillon educate broader Australia on Indigenous issues? I would not like to be sitting in his classroom and listening to such nonsense. Even Pinocchio would rather go back in the woodwork after the first 5 minutes. His blog “The Victim Brigade” is a label, and through Anthony’s assertiveness, is an attack on the “Indigenous person” individually, not just their view on Indigenous issues today. Labelling Indigenous people as “VB members” for speaking up on behalf of their ancestors is what sort of empowerment exactly i would ask Dr. Dillon?

What are all these disrespectful “Indigenous people” doing? Were they also not taught their own history just like the rest of us? Or are they also just ignorant and selfish human beings out for themselves who will not share true Australian history together as brothers and sisters? To assume you can stand up and speak just because of your background, no matter how much lore you have or not, but do not speak on behalf of our ancestors who built this country is a “contradiction” We are allowed to speak on behalf of our people because of the blood that flows through our veins, passed on by our ancestors. not only because of a position in politics. Our ancestors enabled us to survive and put us here to be able to speak on their behalf, not just our people who are here alive today. They left demonstrated evidence of culture, values, and principles of who we are. No one can change that or has the right to determine an over 70,000 years old culture to appease 200 years of history. We are the voices of our ancestors. If Indigenous people do not want to stand up there and speak on behalf of our ancestors, and the blood, sweat and tears that got us here, then maybe they should take a seat.

Indigenous affairs minister Nigel Scullian also enjoys denying that aspects of untaught history have an effect on choices made by Indigenous people. Either that or he has selective hearing. 

Citizenship Ceremony, welcome “Advance Australia Fair”  

The citizenship ceremony takes between one to two hours. There is a formal introduction, speeches, and an address before the pledge. The presiding officer then asks the person to repeat the Pledge of commitment. There are two versions, one has mention of God, and one without. The person has to repeat the one they picked on their application.  This is followed by of course the National Anthem “Advance Australia Fair”

A national song that also allows Australians to deny their own History. A song that totally disregards our ancestor’s contribution to this country, yet Indigenous people are still expected to stand and sing? Every verse of the national Anthem omits every stage of our ancestor’s contribution to the foundation and history of Australia.

Changing the date

Changing the date of Australia Day is a great starting point and step to a brighter Australia. The many of our non- Indigenous supporters for the date change show us who the real Australian brothers and sisters are, and who are really determined to create a better future together. The issue, however, will not be resolved even if all Australians end up accepting the change of date. The truthful and important aspects of Australian history are still being disregarded. A truthful conversation and steps need to be taken to re-teach a more fuller truth on how our country was built. We all need to be re-taught our history, even the teachers!

Clarifications of common statements

“It’s not my fault what my ancestors did, stop living in the past, times have changed””

No it is not your fault that your ancestors and my ancestors built this country togther as it could never had been done alone? Should we forget that our ancestors built the foundation of this country together and then tell Indigenous brothers and sisters they should still celebrate Australia Day even though their contribution in not even accepted?

“Time to get over the past and move on together”

Get over what? Relates to the first statement. Asks Indigenous people to forget what their ancestors did. Not just the massaacres etc that occured, The notion that only European people and Immigrants built Australia. (Also disempowers Indigenous people) Asks Indigenous people to ignore their part in Australian history and to walk with only those who have the right to teach and empower you with only theirs.

“If Europeans did not come and take over the French etc would of”

Only racists or ignorant human beings would justify the murder, rape, genocide and taking of another peoples land by stating that another group would have come and done it anyway.

Why can we not be truthful?

Australia has both a National Day and a National song that totally disregards the Indigenous contribution to Australia. But Indigenous people should not complain, just conform or are only being professional mourners? Part of that seems very relative to Australian history? Come on lets stop this nonsense.Wake up to this contradicting selfishness. Stop making this issue so confusing that we cannot find no common ground. The majority of Indigenous people want to be able to “genuinely” sit down with our non-Indigenous brothers and sisters as “Australians” one day. And many of our non-Indigenous brothers and sisters want to do the same. They have nothing to feel guilty about. They simply have basic human respect for their brothers and sisters as Australians. Indigenous people want a better future for the children of Australia. Let us all start walking the talk and stop walking past each other on the street. We need to have real relationships, real conversations. We need to teach and share the true history and contribution of this country  if we are ever to celebrate or recognize the notion of national day together.

“History guides our future. History shows us the steps we took in the past, and gives us the tools to walk together into the future”


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