By Jason Hartwig Friday March 15th 2019

Recent findings in Archaeology after 11 years of research suggests that the Original People of the lands now known as Australia were here 120,000 years ago.

The announcement comes after 11 years of research on evidence found of fire, black stones, and scattered shell middens at cliffs in Moyjil (Port Ritchie) Victoria. The findings were published in a recent CSIRO article by a group of well-known academics including Jim Bowler, known for his famous discovery of Mungo Man and Mungo Lady between 1969 -1974.

Abstract analysis reads:

Thermal luminescence analyses of blackened stones provide ages in the MIS 5e range, 100–130 ka, consistent with independent stratigraphic evidence and contemporaneous with the age of the surface on which they lie. The distribution of fire-darkened stones is inconsistent with wildfire effects. Two hearth-like features closely associated with the disconformity provide further indications of potential human agency. The data are consistent with the suggestion of human presence at Warrnambool during the Last Interglacia

Conclusion >

In the absence of any evidence of natural fire, the suggestion of possible hearths points somewhat towards human agency. For some, an acceptance of human presence in Australia 120,000 years ago as a possibility may now tentatively advance to one of probability

The pendulum in Nature–People controversy has swung in one direction. The mere suggestion of people near 120 ka raises an entirely new set of questions in the exploration of Australia’s human story

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There have been similar dates for occupation given in the Kimberley that has been dismissed over the years. Archaeologists have also been suggesting for decades that the Kimberley Rock Art is the Oldest Art in the world.

Unique Sites in Australia

The Gabarnmung site in Arnhem Land holds an example of the oldest Stone Engineering in the world, and Rock Art that rivals the Sistine Chapel at such a date. The foundation was altered 50,000 years ago.

The Murujuga Petroglyph site found in Western Australia has over a million rocks carved and is the biggest Library in the world. It also holds the oldest known carved depiction of a human face. A unique demonstration.

Original People Online Conclusion

  • Science – tells us we have been here so long the date keeps changing.
  • Spirituality – tells us we have been here since the beginning of time.
  • Science is “Seen or observed Spirituality”
  • Spirituality “Un-Seen or Unobserved Science”

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