Only people who do not know enough about themselves, make the mistake of allowing someone else to tell them who they are

‘Aboriginal’ is not a Nationality

“When a people have been miseducated and their belief has been built on a misunderstanding, often when you give them the principles of that education they will reject it as it doesn’t fit their belief”

Are we Aboriginal people?

YES and NO-

Aboriginal (noun) – an aboriginal inhabitant of a place.

Aboriginal (adj) – inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists.

The root word is ‘Aborigine’ (Latin)
‘Ab’ means ‘From’
‘Origine’ means ‘Beginning

The term ‘Aboriginal‘ was used for Indigenous groups at a time when they were considered to have no Structure of law, Title, Nationality.

Yes, we are ‘Aboriginal in a descriptive sense and use on the street, but

No, it is not our Identity, Nationality or Status at law.

“The proper name of a people must always relate to land, history and culture” Dr John Henrick Clarke

You can’t conduct business in another man’s name, then turn around talking about Estate and Property, when you don’t even own your own Body!

Words have power

The word ‘Magic’ means The Art of a Spellcaster.

The word ‘Spelling’ means “To cast a Spell” The word ‘Grammar’ means “Book of Spells” Abracadabra means – “I will create as I speak”

First, you think it, Then you speak it (the word) Then the deed is done. When you write it, you have sealed it with a Spell (spelling) (The Seals of Solomon-The Seals of the Soul-of-Man) And it is surely done with precision. The power is in your thought—in your mind. The power is manifested in the word. The power is sealed in a physical sense with the Pen.

Maxims of law

Maxim – An established principle or proposition. A principle of law universally admitted, as being just and consonant with reason. (Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856)

Maxim – So-called…because it’s value is the highest and its authority the most reliable, and because it is accepted by all persons at the very highest. (William C. Anderson’s A Dictionary of Law, (1893), page 666)

What is a General word?

General (Adj)
1) Pertaining to, or designating, the genus or class, as distinguished from that which characterizes the species or individual.

2) Considering or including only the main features or elements of something; not exact or detailed.

‘Aboriginal’ is a general word

Maxims that apply:

  • General words are understood in a general sense.
  • A deceiver deals in generals.
  • Let him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived.
  • The best interpretation is made from things preceding and following; i.e., the context.
  • An error not resisted is approved.

More Maxims worth noting:

  • What is first is truest; and what comes first in time, is best in law.
  • When the words and the mind agree, there is no place for interpretation.
  • Words are indicators of the mind or thought.
  • He who does not forbid a crime while he may, sanctions it.
  • The law favours a man’s inheritance.

You can accept the descriptive term ‘Aboriginal’ if you like, but it can never be your Identity and Nationality at law, as you step out of that Status by being ‘Aboriginal’. And what you believe or accept the word ‘Aboriginal’ to mean, has no relevance in law, it is what you say (SPELLING) that counts. If you say(Spell) and write(Seal) that you are Aboriginal “So be it”

Ancient Principles of Law that apply to ‘Identity’. 

The word ‘Religion’ means “TO BIND”

So what do you bind to, the Bible, Koran etc and become part of some Spiritual Group? Not necessarily

People bind to the LAW and it is for protection. The Bible is not used SPIRITUALLY in LAW, it is used ‘to bind’ to aspects of the Bible (Divine Law) that has been incorporated into the LAW as some of the basic principles we follow today.

The Ten Commandments Thou shalt honour thy mother and father The 42 Admonitions of Maat (Egypt) translated (243BCE) I have not disrespected my mother and father

You do not have to be SPIRITUAL and people disadvantage themselves by thinking it must apply in only that way. Every time we do something good, just, pure, spiritual, we bring honour to our parents. That includes honouring Identity and Nationality. The Commandment is distinct from the others in that a promise is attached to it: “…so that you may live long in the land God is giving you.” Did a MAN give you your Identity, language, and language name of your Nation? No, your ancestors, creator beings, a deity (God) or whatever ‘called upon’ and songs are ‘sung’ for has given you that.

When you are not in your proper capacity by not honouring your mother and father you are placing yourself outside of the Law. An ‘OUTLAW’

Outlaw- (Noun) 1) A person excluded from the benefit or protection of the law. 2) A lawless person or a fugitive from the law.


Is Aboriginal your Identity – Yes or No

  • Is Aboriginal the same thing we are represented, claimed, or charged to be in court? NO
  • Is it a quality or attribute that differentiates you from other groups? NO
  • Is it the same in different instances? NO

How can it be? One minute we tell people we are ‘Aboriginal’ the next our ‘Tribes Sovereign Title’

The deceitful application of Colorable Identity is still in full effect by keeping the Colorable term ‘Aboriginal’ We tick the boxes to claim we are Aboriginal.

The Deceit:
We CHOOSE/TICK the ABORIGINAL box to CLAIM we are ABORIGINAL. but when it comes to signing for our land they get us to sign in our Tribes Sovereign Capacity……………………
(Our ORIGINAL Capacity)

Roman and Europeans Titles

Aborigine (Older meaning) – “The first inhabitants,” especially of Latium, hence “the first ancestors of the Romans;” possibly a tribal name”

When you understand the history of us being ‘Aboriginal’ from a Law perspective your view will change from it not being just some historical flaw or some trick that the white man pulled, but you will know its political ramifications.

Even our NAMES honours Romans and Europeans.

A ‘NAME’ is a label used for persons, entities, and corporations. The word ‘name’ means ‘Nomen’ which identified a Roman citizen.

Nomen – the second personal name of a citizen of ancient Rome that indicated the gens to which he or she belonged. :nomen gentilicium. There is no mention of a title in the definition of ‘name’, as it is not only a corporate tag but a Christian Corporate tag. When we conduct business etc we promote and enrich other peoples.

If you ask many Indigenous children in school today, how did your family become known as ‘Smith, Williams, Brown, Wilson, Taylor, etc, they will tell you that’s their grandad’s/grandmother’s name passed on to their mother or father and they said they got it from a European coloniser or boss/master.

This means they are not ignorant, they knew the truth and did nothing to correct it. THAT’S A CONTRACT!
It’s called ‘Acquiescence’, and it automatically makes you chattel property. Maxims that apply –

  • The law favours a man’s inheritance.
  • Let him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived.
  • An error not resisted is approved.

“You can’t conduct business in another man’s NAME and then turn around talking about Estate and Property”

People had an appellation before a NAME came about. It means ‘to call out to’, and an attribute. However, an attribute is not a proper appellation. It would be likened to a nick-name, but is not that either, as it is a descriptive persona or personality quality. Your skin title is an attribute to your appellation.


“Nasci” is a word that developed in Latin into nativitas, meaning “birth,” which passed through Middle French before entering English in the 14th century.
The word “Nativity” also has many siblings and cousins;
other terms of the lineage of “nasci” include “cognate,” “innate,” “nascent,” “native,” and “renaissance.”

“Renaissance” is the word where Christians derive the notion of “a born again Christian”

Marvel not that I said unto thee, “Ye must be born again”(“vos nasci denuo”) John 3:7

Australia and the ‘Myth of Race’ in 2020

Australia’s continuous arrogance and it seems approved immunity to the law by the United Nations allowing them to continue to create Apartheid or racist laws for us today including the disguised racism behind the ‘Artificial person’ or ‘Slave’ identity known as ‘Aboriginal’ leads many of us to assume that the principles of International Law and declarations of the United Nations are simply like rolls of toilet paper.

Still being classed as the ‘Aboriginal Race’ in 2020 is ridiculous and a contradiction to the Principles of United Nations and world peace. Yet the Australian Oxford Law Dictionary clearly defines an ‘Aboriginal Person’ as a member of the Aboriginal Race of Australia. UNESCO proclaimed the Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice in 1978 

General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Australia is a founding member.

Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice 1978 –

  • Recalling also the international instruments already adopted by UNESCO
  • Bearing in mind the four statements on the race question adopted by experts convened by UNESCO
  • Adopts and solemnly proclaims this Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice:

Article 1
1) All human beings belong to a single species and are descended from a common stock. They are born equal in dignity and rights and all form an integral part of humanity.
3) Identity of origin in no way affects the fact that human beings can and may live differently, nor does it preclude the existence of differences based on cultural, environmental and historical diversity nor the right to maintain cultural identity.

Nationality and Identity is a Human right

If we are the ‘Aboriginal Race’ then other groups of Indigenous people in Canada etc who embrace the description of ‘Aboriginal’ are also members of that same ‘Aboriginal Race’ There is no such thing as an Aboriginal Nation.


Most people think of slavery as someone physically in chains being whipped working for a boss or master. To ‘enslave’ a human being is psychological.

Enslave (verb)
To make someone subject to a Superstition or Passion.

Being ‘Aboriginal’ is a PASSION.

Just like the image of Jesus the Christ to many Christians today. ‘Don’t anyone dare say it is wrong or try to change it’

We have become ‘Superstitious’ of who we really are, and now have more ‘Passion’ of what our oppressor has declared our Nationality and Status to be. (ABORIGINAL)

“Just because the chains are off, doesn’t mean the slavery is over”

‘BLACK’ by Dr John Henrick Clarke

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