He was tided up with a bowl of beer beside him. The guys were on the booze laughing and carrying on when I asked them how much they wanted for him. (A box of beer was an obvious exchange).

Bart Sansbury

Bart Sansbury was born in South Australia and today is an elder of the Kaurna/Narungga. He was part of Australia’s Stolen Generation, the half-cast children who were removed from their families and adopted into white Australian families. Bart was snatched from the local hospital while being treated for measles. He spent his years since the age of nine as a foster child before being conscripted into the Australian army for three years of service, which included a tour of duty in Vietnam.

We got to hear a bit about Bart’s two tours of Vietnam, and learn of Charlie Goloski, the Monkey who was given and buried with a rank in the Australian army in this short video. Charlie’s full story in detail would be movie length and need further approval from Mr Sansbury.

“Charlie would be alongside us in a couple of routine missions. I would let him go ahead, at least if there was any mines or enemy, I knew he would find them first

“When the guys would torment him a lot, he would wait until they were sitting playing cards or something, and then climb up in the tent above them and piss down on them”

Bart Sansbiry
Video with Bart

Resourceful 106 craftsmen such as Bart would often scrounge unserviceable equipment, which had been written-off by the US Army, from salvage dumps, and then repair it to operational use, thus saving the Australian taxpayer many thousands of dollars.

Bart had all his medals from Vietnam Stolen out of his car. Not only did he never get a chance to wear them, or even view them properly in the time he had them, now he can never get them back.

Charlie’s Burial in Vietnam (War memorial)

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