There has been a lot of talk on social media about the agenda of COVID -19 lately. Claims that it is all hoax, all about 5G etc and that Indigenous communities are not that vulnerable to the virus.

These people should keep their belief on the agenda of COVID-19 to themselves and I will do the same. it can be dangerous otherwise. How does one person or group know exactly what is going on, especially when the only evidence I see is a post from Social Media or Youtube video? People need to stop thinking our Communities are not vulnerable or this is all some hoax until we see some conclusive proof or real evidence. We can’t just assume, nor take what others say on social media as gospel.

People of European ancestry have had these kinds of diseases since the Dark Ages.

There is no evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, that Infectious diseases that were endemic among the populations of Europe and Asia – smallpox, measles, influenza, chickenpox, poliomyelitis, typhoid; and the chronic diseases syphilis and tuberculosis, existed here before 1788. 

There are no records referring to cases of influenza, an influenza-like disease, or pneumonia in the historical literature during the first three decades of colonial occupation. After that date, the rise of such sicknesses had devastating effects on our people and many other Indigenous groups around the world. (Cumpston 1989:313). 

“The first epidemics Europeans brought that swept across our lands, reduced our communities by 50-90%”

‘Closing the Gap’ today already describes the health systems failure and vulnerability of our communities.

“To reduce the health disparities gap, the underlying issues and individual needs of underserved and vulnerable populations must be effectively addressed” Milkin Institute School of Public Health

Exotic diseases introduced into a population with no immunological experience of them often display high virulence of the pathogen E.g An individual who catches measles from a family member or near relative faces nearly twice the risk of death as an individual infected by someone unrelated. Our people still lack the necessary immunological response when infected by these types of viruses today. When an infectious disease occurs in a population it will usually cause death or leave the survivors immunologically protected.

We have no what is known as ‘herd immunity’ to the introduced diseases endemic among Europeans, where contact with a particular pathogen has caused an epidemic, but the disease did not become endemic among the populations and eventually ceased to exist. The herd immunity or immunological protection to the pathogen is lessened and eventually lost, the next generations having little or no exposure to the pathogen.

I have my thoughts on the Agenda of COVID-19 too but don’t take whatever I say as gospel either. However, my research of history and the effect of disease over the years on the peoples of our lands tell me that we must always take anything to do with foreign pathogens seriously in Australia. 

Our only Advantage

In Australia, the median age of Aboriginal and Islander people is 23 years. Children aged 0 to 14 years make up 34% and 4.8% are people aged 65 years and over.

Points of concern:

Those making the claims that the Virus is all a scam etc would want to be careful, as they might be swallowing those words if communities start getting sick. It is dangerous talk, no matter who is right or wrong. I would rather be wrong and be told “I told you so” later than regret an assumption and conclusion I came to about the protection and safety of the people earlier.

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