I cannot blame or stop my people for wanting to go out on the streets and fight, even though it may not be considered as not the right time. After 230 years of ignorance and violation of Law, how can you expect them to not be totally fed up with it and not start to rise up against it? If selfish Australia cannot have a serious conversation on this issue, I feel the mobs are not going to listen, and there is nothing any of us can do to stop them. Especially when the Prime Minister comes out recently with statements that will only fuel their anger.

Australian Governments are very good at denying and hiding history such as ‘slavery’ as that has all they have done from the day the British first arrived on our lands. Kind of like how most the documents were conveniently lost or destroyed on the Eugenics experiments done on our mobs while our people were participating in their Wars in the 1920s that were inspired by those who committed the first Genocide of the 20th Century in Nambia (Africa) 30 years before the rise of Hitler. Australia could never be put in the same category as Hitler, they are ‘The lucky county’ remember, it is all about the ‘Status Quo’ so who cares if the same Eugenics experiments also happened to young White Children?

Australia should receive an Oscar award for their performance in the mask or costume they wear to hide their lies and whitewashing of history. They have now gone as far as to change our mob’s perception of history by inspiring many to embrace the likes of James Cook as some noble or honest man. Australia has been breaking British law since they arrived on our lands, and have been trying to rewrite and change our mob’s perception of that history for decades. This has been demonstrated all around the world in the case of ‘Black’ people as Europeans have been trying to rewrite history to their advantage ever since slaves were first taken from Africa. (The Papal Bulls) You cannot expect someone who has acquired your lands by fraud and deceit to write truthfully without adjusting it even slightly to their advantage in a means of keeping their ‘privilege’ and the land acquired today.

Every past representative of Britain to our lands and Australian Government members over the centuries are all criminals, for their participation in the fraud, the benefits they received by helping deny us our rights or by allowing the distortion of the truth even slightly. They are accessories to the fraud, theft, murder and genocide of our people, and Australia has demonstrated this by putting it down in writing. There is no need for a War on History (History Wars) when the evidence has already been written down and stained in the blood of our ancestor’s that was still on hands of the person that put the pen to paper. Our continuous culture has also passed down our knowledge of history through the Intergenerational Trauma, even if it was not recorded in Colonial paperwork.

Governments distortion of history and justifications for the murder, rape, theft and genocide of our people by trying to cherry-pick dates and even praise people like James Cook have been portrayed to everyday Australians long enough. This countries foundation was built on criminal activity, the blood of our ancestors and other ‘Black’ slaves across the seas, whether it be the First and Second fleet up to the confirmed slavery on our lands decades later and even today, as ‘work for the dole’ is simply a form of modern-day slavery. Especially when we have never given up our lands or our Sovereign rights.

I will continue to point out the deceit and cover-up of slavery during this blog, but first, we need to go back to the start and learn why we have a right to fight for our rights, as there is no justification Australia can make today if they can only persist in denying us our Sovereign rights, nor can they tell us to just stop fighting for something our ancestors gave us as our Birthright.

Law and History

In 1537, Pope Paul III declared:

“The said Indians and all other people who may later be discovered by Christians, are by no means to be deprived of their liberty or the possession of their property, even though they be outside the faith of Jesus Christ; and that they may and should, freely and legitimately, enjoy their liberty and the possession of their property, nor should they be in any way enslaved; should the contrary happen, it shall be null and of no effect

“Alberico Gentili, the 16th-century jurist and professor of law considered `natives’ equal to other people under the Law of nations.

Emer De Vattel declared in his Law of Nations: “Every nation that governs itself, under what form soever, … is a Sovereign State. Its rights are naturally the same as those of any other state … it is sufficient that it be really sovereign and independent, that is, it governs itself by its own authority and laws. …whosoever agrees that robbery is a crime and that we are not allowed to take forcible possession of our neighbour’s property will acknowledge that, without any other proof, that no nation has a right to expel another people from the country they inhabit in order to settle in it herself”

1700 – 1830s James Cook

I and most other mob will never accept the whitewashing or fairytale version of James Cook. Especially when his first actions are what have kept the lies going today and our mobs effectively stuck in this racist system now called ‘Australia’. In law, any acceptance of Cook’s Actions to justify the theft of land can only apply to the Original Tribal Nation’s land he first stepped foot on, not the entire continent and other Sovereign Nations who still reside on and fight for their lands today.

By 1700 it was already British Policy to acquire Indigenous Lands by formal cession. This was demonstrated by King George III, on October 1763, in the granting of rights to Native Canadians 5 years before Cook left which directed that indigenous lands be occupied only after public purchase and cession under the supervision of Crown officers, and ordered non-conforming settlers to be removed. An Imperial Directive, such as that contained in the Proclamation of King George III over-rides and is superior to, any other legal or constitutional doctrine then in place. In itself, such a Proclamation becomes a legally binding instrument in British law, with consequence and direction upon the Accredited Agent(Cook) Cook was well aware of this and even our contact with the Dutch etc made Britain well aware that our land was occupied. Cook was given binding orders from his superiors, that he ignored as a representative (Agent in Law) for the King of Britain. He committed a crime by not following this direction and the policy made by his King 5 years earlier.

The first article was: “You are with the consent of the natives to take possession of convenient situations in the country in the name of the King of England…

’The second: “Or, if you find the country uninhabited, take possession for His Majesty by setting up Proper Marks and Inscriptions, as first discoverers and possessors”

The obvious conclusion drawn from the precise Orders to Cook is that Britain was fully aware of our natural, inherent right to our lands. Cook also admits that attempts to formally purchase the land with trinkets were unsuccessful:

” They have very little need of Clothing … many to whom we gave the cloth, etc, left it carelessly upon the Sea beach and in the woods as a thing they had no manner of use for; in short, they seemed to set no value on anything we gave them, nor would they part with anything of their own for any one article we could offer them”

The application of these and also other authoritative interpretations of international law at the time to Australia means that the simple act of Cook’s landing on the east coast and claiming possession in the Name of the King of England did not establish sovereignty for Britain over our lands. Even if treaties had been made with Mobs on the east coast, all the wide lands, still occupied and in possession of other mobs, are not occupied by, nor in their possession.

Governor Phillip

When Governor Phillip set sail for our lands he was given orders that they were…not allowed to interfere with the Indigenous people and that they were only allowed to take lands necessary for their survival and only after appropriate compensation had been paid to the owners.

Have any of our groups received their compensation yet today?

Governor, Phillip is constantly portrayed by Australia as the considerate Governor who sought friendly relations with our mobs, but he had his own policy and agenda for breaking our resistance. He was determined to strike a decisive blow, in order, at once to convince us of their superiority, and to infuse “a universal terror”…

Governor George Arthur also adopted the same policy in Tasmania and we all know the outcome for those mobs today.

Military Action was used to take possession of lands which is a violation of the Law and claim to land if “No war was declared” There were more military orders given on our lands than in any other former British colony, except for South Africa. This is also the reason Australia will not recognize the “Frontier Wars’ alongside other Wars today, as there was no war declared, they were ‘massacres’ to assist the ‘Invasion’

“if a nation: ‘ … takes up arms when it has not received any injury and when it has not been threatened it wages an unjust war.’ Emmer De Vattel

When a nation enters a country to usurp the land and does not declare war, but prefers to use methods of assassination against the civilian population, against babies, women, children and men armed only with hunting weapons, that invading nation commits, not war, but crimes against humanity. Genocide!

When massacre occurred, no process of law could proceed because our mobs were seen by the courts as ‘incapable of recognising and swearing an oath’, the attitude was that we could not testify because our word could not be accepted against the word of the white invader accused. During the massacres, colonists and their servants developed the nasty little habit of killing the men, raping the women and even the children before making them slaves (Sex Slaves) or by later killing them. When an arrest did occur in Queensland, the case was brought to nothing because again the ‘Black’ child, ‘did not know the nature of an oath.

‘Sport’ was the shooting of our men, women and children, on sight. Starving our mobs was common and when they were invited to a feast, they were shot as they came in for food. The same was seen done in Namibia (Africa) and the first genocide of the 20th Century. Whole family groups of our mobs were poisoned by strychnine in the flour or water. Children were stolen. Many never seeing their families ever again. (The stolen generation) Our women were forced to work in forms of slavery for white bosses on properties and continued to be raped in many of those cases. As we could not gain any legal redress from these actions and these hidden sections of Australias’s dirty little colonial past, they have been erased or not known to the general public, but they have been imprinted, on our minds from what they ancestors passed on to us, and that intergenerational trauma stuck with us. Even to the present day that terror, that disregard for our human lives, is entrenched in the social and bureaucratic structure of white Australia.

The 1830s – 1870s

From the 1830s, continuous policies were created to grant us protection and rights to our lands, which were strictly ignored.

King’s Letters Patent 1836 (King William IV) Provisio:

Provided always that nothing in these our Letters Patent contained shall affect or be construed to affect the rights of any Aboriginal Natives of the said Province to the actual occupation or enjoyment in their own persons or in the persons of their descendants of any Lands therein now actually occupied or enjoyed by such Natives.

Where an executive arm of State acts outside the perimeters of its legal charter (such as the colonial powers contravening the Imperial directives in State Letters Patent) and where an Agent of the State ignores the binding orders of the King and thereby establishes that Act by fraudulent methods, that Act is not only questionable in law but becomes null and void. International Jurisprudence maintains, ‘Ex injuria jus non-oritur’ – Acts contrary to the law cannot become a source of legal right for the wrongdoer. (A wrongful Act does not create Law)

House of Commons Select Committee 1834

“It is: … a melancholy fact, which admits of no dispute, and which cannot be too deeply deplored, that the native tribes of Australia have hitherto been exposed to injustice and cruelty in their intercourse with Europeans. … This then appears to be the moment for the nation to declare that…it will tolerate no scheme which implies violence or fraud in taking possession of such territory; that it will no longer subject itself to the guilt of conniving at oppression”

The British House of Commons Select Committee stated in 1837 –

“The native inhabitants of any land have an incontrovertible right to their own soil; a plain and sacred right, however which seems not to be understood…Such omissions must surely be attributed to oversight; for it is not to be asserted that Great Britain has any disposition to sanction unfair dealing” (When has Australia ever fairly dealt with us?)

The Colonisation Commission actually informed the House of Commons that no land that the Aboriginals occupied or possessed in enjoyment would be offered for sale until ceded to the Colonial Commissioner. (Have our mobs ceded to the Colonial Commissioner?) Even though these instructions were issued, nothing was done about it and even the Kings Letters Patent was ignored.

Sir George Grey, a member of the 1836/7 House of Commons Select Committee requested of the King of England: ‘… that measures be taken to secure to the natives of the several Colonies the due observance of justice, and protection of their rights.’ (have we been accorded our rights yet?)

To satisfy the Colonial Office in Britain the South Australian Colonizing Commission agreed to protect our rights:

“Should the Protector of the Aborigines find that the Lands, or any portion of them … are occupied or enjoyed by the Natives, then the lands which may be thus occupied or enjoyed shall not be declared open to public sale, unless the Natives shall surrender their right of occupation or enjoyment, by a voluntary Sale made to the Colonial Commissioner … Should the Natives occupying or enjoying lands … not surrender their right to such land by a voluntary sale, then, in that case, it will be the duty of the Protector of the Aborigines to secure to the Natives the full and undisturbed occupation or enjoyment of their lands and to afford them legal redress against depredators and trespassers” (Have we surrendered our rights or been afforded legal redress yet?)

Drafted to amend the South Australian Act:

“That it shall be lawful for the said Commissioners to assign or allot any Part of the Lands of the said Province to the Aboriginal Natives thereof free of any Price … and also to make such Compensation to the said Aboriginal Natives as the said Commissioners shall deem it just in Compensation for their Interests in any Lands now occupied by them in the said Province; and any such Compensation shall and may be paid out of the Produce of Lands sold … by the Commissioners in the said Province” (Have we been granted our compensation out of the produce of lands sold yet?)

In 1842 the British Parliament passed the Australian Wastelands Act which specified that land be reserved: ‘… for the use and benefit of the aboriginal inhabitants of the country.’

When Western Australia was set up by the Imperial Government a directive was that the: ‘State Government should give one per cent of its gross revenue towards assisting natives…’ (Have W.A mobs received any percentage out of gross revenue of Western Australia? No, and they are also to busy blowing up their land)

Our Ownership, Occupancy, Possession and Sovereign jurisdiction over our lands remain intact and is enforceable under the Law of Nations. Our ability to communicate and negotiate with other Nations is evidenced in earlier dealings with the Macassans, the Portuguese, Dutch and French, before the British arrival and invasion by James Cook. Our Sovereign Position was tested by the Dutch Empire in 1606 when they were forced off our lands. Britain was fully aware of its illegal position in Australia. This is demonstrated by the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand in the 1840s.

Australia has done nothing but ‘violate’ the law as they still will not correct their mistakes and grant us our Sovereign rights today, and all their adjustments of history is a demonstration of their arrogance and selfish denial of Human rights, yet they still expect us to stand and sing that ridiculous contradiction of an anthem today, or just class ourselves as ‘Australian’ brothers and sisters. Being a brother or sister is an ‘Action’ done by a human being not words out of the mouth, nor is it because we might share the same skin colour.

This land was founded and built not only off the backs and blood of our ancestors but off the blood and profits of Black slaves across the seas. In 1835 the British parliament granted £20m in compensation(40% of the total British income, equivalent to some £300bn today) to former slave owners for the loss of income. That money provided the economic wealth that was the starting point for several investments in Australia … slave owners and former owners settled in Australia using the proceeds of slave ownership and compensation.

The 1860s onwards


Major exporter. Australia produces some of the best quality Beef in the world. Australian beef can be found at Macdonald’s in other countries. Our people built the beef Industry practically for free. When Europeans first started cattle farming in Australia there were hardly any European people here at the time, as they were still arriving from Europe. Aboriginal people were forced to help work the cattle industry under slave conditions. The Beef we sit and enjoy in any Australian hamburger was built off the backs of our ancestors. The beef industry would never have exploded had it not been for the slave conditions our ancestors.


Again a major exporter. Built by not only our people but also the 60,000 South Sea Islanders that were stolen and brought here to be put to work. Known as “Blackbirding” Every teaspoon of sugar we use today was built not only by ‘Blacks’ here but overseas. Sugar was a luxury for centuries around the world. It wasn’t until the British Government in 1874 removed heavy taxes levied against sugar that it became more affordable, and the household item we know. It was through indentured labour (Slavery) and that wage difference between the slave and free man, that brought about the growth of sugar and price down. Also the free trade movement.


When Slavery was abolished in America [Not ended] by the cease of the Civil War. it had a huge effect on the cotton industry, it was Australia who picked up the cotton trade to the world. Our mobs and the Islander mobs helped to start and work in the cotton industry of Australia.

Many who started these industries did it out of the inheritance of their fathers, such as the owner of Sugar in Jamacia. That wealth is the wealth built off black slaves and was used to finance and build the sugar industry in Australia. So stop telling us this Nation was not built on Slavery, and we have no comparison to ‘Blacks’ overseas.

No Law or Act was enacted to make slavery legal as Scott Morrison might tell you, but there was certainly law created to stop and prevent it, which has been disregarded ever since its enactment to justify slavery and is still ignored today. There was an Imperial order made by Queen Victoria to stop and prevent the slavery known as Blackbirding etc and also to reaffirm the Sovereign rights of all people in the Pacific Islands ‘the Australasian colonies’ which includes our lands.

This Act, is the Pacific Islander Protection Act 1872 and 1875, which has been conveniently hidden by Australia in order to allow the practice of slavery and denial of people in the Pacific Islands to their lands. it was retrieved out of the British Archives, as Australia has been trying to hide it for a very long time.

The Pacific Islanders Protection Act 1872

An Act for the Prevention and Punishment of Criminal Outrages upon Natives of the Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Definition of terms: The term “Australasian colonies” shall mean and include the colonies of New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia

Section 3. No British vessel to carry native labourers.

Section 9. Colonial courts empowered to try certain offences.–If a British Subject Decoys a native of any of the aforesaid islands for the purpose of importing or removing such native into any island or place other than that in which he was at the time of the commission of such offence, or carries away, confines, or detains any such native for the purpose aforesaid, without his consent.

The Pacific Islanders Protection Act 1875

An Act to amend the Act of the Session of the thirty-fifth and thirty- sixth years of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter nineteen, intituled Act for the prevention and punishment of criminal outrages upon Natives of the islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The principal Act and this Act may be cited together as the Pacific Islanders Protection Acts, 1872 and 1875

Section 7. Saving of rights of tribes.- Nothing herein or in any such Order in Council contained shall extend or be construed to extend to invest Her Majesty, with any claim or title whatsoever to dominion or sovereignty over any such islands or places as aforesaid, or to derogate from the rights of the tribes or people inhabiting such islands or places, or of chiefs or rulers thereof, to such sovereignty or dominion, and a copy of every such Order in Council shall be laid before each House of Parliament within thirty days after the issue thereof unless Parliament shall not then be in session, in which case a copy shall be laid before each House of Parliament within thirty days after the commencement of the next ensuing session.

In 1984 the ‘Commonwealth’ formally recognised our prior occupation and ownership in the international arena to the United Nations. Having ratified the seven United Nations Conventions, Australia as a treaty State to these Covenants, has to bring her internal laws into line with these Conventions.

A principle of the United Nations Conventions is:

“All peoples have the rights of self-determination. By virtue of that right, they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development. The peoples may, for their own ends freely dispose of their own natural wealth and resources. In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence”

In 1884 the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations in Geneva, the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Clyde Holding, committed the `Federal Government’ to legislate on the basis of the Five Principles:

  • Aboriginal land to be held under inalienable freehold title,
  • Protection of Aboriginal sites,
  • Aboriginal control in relation to mining on Aboriginal land,
  • Access to mining royalty equivalents and
  • Compensation for lost land to be negotiated.

These principles were again ignored, and in 1985 the Federal Government deceived the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations by reporting that it was still committed to the ‘Five principles’

The UN has already received submissions on:

  • Genocide against our people,
  • Conditions of slavery of mobs in Queensland and Western Australia
  • Desecration of Sacred Sites
  • That the ‘Government’ works against self-determination by controlling who Aboriginal organisations may employ (Sellouts) and more…

The Australian Governments are such liers and deceitful grubs, that why should we believe anything they say? They are in such violation of all the International Covenants, that the Human Rights Commission should be shut down. Australia should be dismissed from the U.N. then I wonder how Australia would feel when every Australian has no human rights?

The only reason the High Court will not deal with our case of Sovereignty is that in British law, it would be known as ‘bringing the King into his own court’. But there is no reason they cannot be taken to the International Court, as they have no lawful basis for Sovereignty, and Australia is still the ONLY British ex-colonial country that has not upheld the basic principles of Law in the granting of our rights.

We have had enough of lies and promises after centuries. it is time for Australia to step up and face this issue, as we will never stop fighting, and our ancestors would never expect us to stop fighting. It is our birthright you are denying us and it is even considered as such in British Law. It is not about blame or pointing the finger. It is about sharing power. We do not need to be recognized in the Constitution, all Australia needs to do is obey the law and share the power as real human brothers and sister. We will never stop fighting until they do.

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