The Burrup Peninsula rock library in Western Australia holds the oldest known carved image of a human face. “Murujuga is a stride in the footsteps of human history” 45,000 years before a Sumerian text, Egyptian Hieroglyph or Tablets were carved. 38,000 years before any carvings found at Gobekli Tepe. LargestContinue Reading

Much older than Stonehenge, and even Gobekli Tepe, the ‘Nawarla Gabarnmung’ Stone monument in Arnhem land Australia is 50,000 years old.   Older than Stonehenge Older than The Pyramids of Egypt. Older than the recent find of Gobekli Tepe (9000 BC) No evidence yet found of stonework like this elsewhereContinue Reading

This special place tucked away in Arnhem Land has been recording history non-stop for the last 18,000 years. Known as Djulirri by the Manganowal people, and located in the Wellington ranges of the Northern Territory, Australia, this library of rock art holds 18,000 years of recorded history. It is “theContinue Reading