A shocking surprise to wake up to! On Sunday morning 17th Feb at approx 3:30. Gladstone Police was called to a disturbance. On their way to the ” DISTURBANCE”, they noticed 4 Indigenous people having a private conversation in their driveway. The officers pulled over to ask what was goingContinue Reading

Another Australia day is over 2019. Also the “right to deny” aspects of Australian history is forgotten for yet another year, decade, century. Some Indigenous people also celebrated the Australia Day weekend. Included were Jacinta Price and others who regularly stand up and question other Indigenous people for not doingContinue Reading

The creation of the Boomerang is no mystery. Continuous significant evidence has placed the Boomerang in the hands of aboriginal people for over 30,000 years. Partial evidence does not over weigh the continuous knowledge of Aerodynamics and attributes to create this ancient tool and weapon as seen “demonstrated” by aboriginalContinue Reading