It is getting close to Christmas and the New Year, and soon the debate around the celebration on January 26th will again arise. According to Andrew Bolt Blog Posts reference to Leo Maglen’s article out of the Quadrant rubbish bin, the Aboriginal people of this land now known as ‘Australia’Continue Reading


Aboriginal and Indigenous are subjects under a ‘Colorable Sovereign’ that has been creating colorable ‘Statuses and ‘Title’ for them since 1901. The Citizenship test: court to decide whether Indigenous people can be deported from Australia case now in the High Court also gives an example of what some things inContinue Reading

Racial Segregation in Alice Springs is not a trait of just one Major Hotel Chain. The problem is the Racism within the community of Alice Springs itself that is continuously denied, ignored, deliberately unnoticed and justified by law to pacify any sort of community or group response. The recent whistleblowerContinue Reading

A shocking surprise to wake up to! On Sunday morning 17th Feb at approx 3:30. Gladstone Police was called to a disturbance. On their way to the ” DISTURBANCE”, they noticed 4 Indigenous people having a private conversation in their driveway. The officers pulled over to ask what was goingContinue Reading

The creation of the Boomerang is no mystery. Continuous significant evidence has placed the Boomerang in the hands of aboriginal people for over 30,000 years. Partial evidence and suggestion do not overwhelm the continuous knowledge of this ancient tool and weapon as seen “demonstrated” by the Original people of Australia.Continue Reading

Ever since Peter Dodds McCormick, composed ‘Advance Australia fair’ and it was first performed in Sydney on Saint Andrew’s Day, 1878. there was no mention of Indigenous Australians.