We are the Sovereign Nations of these lands now known as ‘Australia’

The Sovereign Nations of these lands have never ceded their Sovereign right or lost natural capacity, they have been forced to turn their backs on their Birthright and natural Status at Law in exchange for an apparent right under a man-made Status and life of servitude under a usurper who has not declared war nor established a lawful Sovereign position.

The people of the Sovereign Nations of these lands have never been ‘British Subjects’ or ‘Australian Citizens’. They were never accorded the rights of British Subjects, and Citizenship was imposed upon them to claim the Nationality of the oppressor or be cursed into a form of Statelessness in which there is no redress or formal protection within the framework of International Law.

[Sovereignty – Justice the Law and Land]
Where a national personality has illegally assumed a possessory and Sovereign right over an inhabited land by the unlawful means of terror, murder, invasion and fraud, and without declaration of war, such as is instanced in Britain’s claim to sovereignty over these our lands, the natural right of the original possessor and the Sovereign Aboriginal Estate thereon does in no way become erodible, nor does the original indigenous root title languish or become extinct. ​ (If such were the case, then any robber or entity with criminal intent could well deprive a citizen or nation of a rightful possession, cut out the victim’s tongue, claim a possessory right over those goods unlawfully obtained and claim the victim’s right to redress has been extinguished, by removal of the ability to speak, ‘STATUS’ to representation is, therefore ‘LOST’… according to International criteria)”
Kevin Gilbert 1933–1993 Wiradjuri warrior, playwright, printmaker, author and Sovereign Activist.

‘Sovereignty never Ceded’