Welcome to the Original People Online. We are a self owned,run and non-funded education, promotion and news platform. We are a world promoter of Australian Indigenous people, culture, news and history.

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Our Story

Our focus is Indigenous Australian lives. Dispelling myths, sharing culture, promoting talent and raising awareness about Indigenous issues today. We appreciate support in any way, shape or form. Sharing one of our blogs or pages would be great start. This space is about learning and sharing together. We have some great things coming in the future. Here at Original People Online you have the opportunity hear the Original people tell their story.

Future Goals


  • Having backgrounds in tourism and also the retail of First Nations culture, we at Original People Online are dedicated on creating an outlet for Original people to have a real say in the revenue made off their images, art and products sold. Anything we put up for sale is made by Indigenous people and all revenue goes to those individuals and or communities.
  • We are pushed by First Nations independence and have high priority in being another voice for Indigenous people. If you have a news, poetry, stories or would even like to write for us do not hesitate to make contact.
  • We are also focused in being the driving and a major future promoter of Indigenous talent. We do not care what your talent is, if you would like us to write about it, share it or sell it, then get a hold of us sometime.
We have our arms open ready for Indigneous people who would like to join our team of writers. Our site is open to all Indigenous people. We support all first nation groups of the world.
We are here for THE PEOPLE not for ourselves. We are totally not funded and rely on public support. Our shop profits go to the indivual Indigenous artist we are simply the promoter. And we love to do this job freely for the People. Indigenous Australia has a say over this site.

Much more to come in the future. Keep your eye on us.  


Confronting truth of Australian History

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Original Australians left evidence of their existence all over the country. There is so much still to learn and understand from the culture still today. What was going on in Australia and around the world 70,000 years ago? Original Australians are of the first Astronomers, bread makers, stone masons and much more. Their contribution is very significant and important to world history.


More to come..

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